Yet another CNN article provides a talking point for living a healthier lifestyle. This one is about smoking.

This stressful age in history may be the wrong time to advocate giving up a comforting habit, but knowingly continuing to batter your body with harmful toxins is nonsensical. In fact, this might be the perfect time to push quitting smoking, because doing so would free up spending money and prevent the need for expensive medical procedures down the road. It also takes the foot off the gas pedal of the car sending you racing towards your death.

The big craze these days is ultimately about doing the smart thing – well, what’s smarter than throwing away those cigarettes? According to the article linked above, society is becoming more and more hostile to smokers, whether it raises the price of a pack or shoves the smokers’ break out into the cold.

Just do whatever it takes to stop – cold turkey, nicotine patches, help clinics, e-cigarette –  because stopping is far better for you than continuing.