New Year’s Day is the perfect time to begin living a healthier lifestyle. If you have been putting off practicing the advice from this blog or from other health advisors, you have the chance to say that 2009 is the year of losing weight, quitting smoking, or giving up those extra drinks. However, while making a resolution  is a great start, some detailed adjustments are needed to follow through. A timely article on gives some tips:

  1. Be specific about your goal (Instead of saying, “I will lose weight,” say, “I will lose 20 pounds”).
  2. Make sure that goal is realistic.
  3. Establish a set of steps to reach that goal (e.g. Exercise three times a week and eat smaller portions).
  4. Set a specific time frame, perhaps only a few weeks or months, and then see how you’re doing.

Setting these standards works far better than setting a vague, seemingly distant goal. By being realistic from the start and in the followthrough, 2010 may indeed come with a fitter, healthier you!

The BenefitsVIP team wishes you a happy new year!