Halloween is approaching yet again, and with it comes trick-or-treating and bucketloads of candy. Your children will be coming home in costume, bags filled with treats after their benign neighborhood raid, and chances are they’ll eat as much of that candy as they can.

It’s a good thing an article recently surfaced on CNN about ways to get around or avoid that holiday splurge and its negative consequences: becoming sick to your stomach and contributing to unhealthy weight gain.

The article points out that Halloween is a good time to teach your kids about portion control. Candy, however delectable, is not nutritious and its empty calories can upset metabolism – but only if eaten in large quantities. As most adults know, candy enjoyed in moderation is a real treat that won’t have any consequences (as long as proper dental hygiene is followed, too). Check out the above article for some solutions for teaching your children about smart consumption.

But, as we at the BenefitsVIP office know all too well, candy is often readily available for adults in the workplace throughout the fall. Though no one is eating vast amounts of candy on the job, the small amounts here and there that you are eating can add up. And since the feast season is just around the corner (Thanksgiving and Christmas), keep track of what you’re indulging in during this holiday pregame to prevent any unexpected dietary consequences.