September 2008

We’re all tuning in to the news programs and seeing the economy coming apart at the seams. As one financial institution after another crumbles, the hardship this causes is coming closer and closer to affecting everyday life. People who are still employed dread the day when cutbacks at their job put them into a tougher spot.

Many companies are discovering the secret to cushioning the blow that comes from these tough times. The trick is saving thousands on healthcare costs by encouraging what so many of us strive for anyway–good health. Wellness programs are the insurance behind the insurance, promoting a healthy lifestyle for you and your family by:

  • eating right
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • avoiding harmful habits like smoking
  • becoming more active and energetic
  • going to the doctor and actively preventing all-too-common ailments like diabetes and heart disease

Not only does living a healthy lifestyle keep you and yours in good shape, but it ends up saving your company big money in claims costs because less people are getting sick. So you have secure health and a more secure job.

So we at BenefitsVIP encourage you to partake in your company’s wellness programs, now and after this economic dilemma is long gone. It ends up being a win-win situation, which we all need.


A new study of nearly 20,000 patients of all ages shows that the flu vaccine is a statistical success in curbing the often-troublesome, sometimes-dangerous influenza disease. The study, done by CVS Caremark, found that hospital visits related to pneumonia and influenza went down 24% for people who received the immunization. What’s more, overall hospital visits went down nearly 20% among the vaccinated group.

Colder weather is on the way, and flu season, as always, is right behind it. The above evidence shows that the flu vaccine works. With the flu vaccine, you can keep your family healthy and out of the hospital this winter, especially if someone you know suffers from chronic conditions like diabetes, heart failure, or asthma.

Flu vaccinations are inexpensive and easy to come by. The flu season started this month, so now is the time to receive your flu shot if you have not yet. Talk to your HR manager about where you can get a flu vaccination to help insure yourself against a cold that doesn’t need to be so common.

Our last post talked about starting the day on as healthy a note as possible by choosing the right foods for breakfast.

This post goes into another typically-unhealthy consumption practice: snacks.

People often bridge the long gap between lunch and dinner with a mini-meal of candy or chips (sometimes both!)  While there is likely nobody from V8 running around the workplace smacking these people in the head, they are definitely missing out on a chance to refresh their tired bodies with a more nutritious snack.

Fruit, cups of yogurt, instant breakfast drinks like Ensure and V8, and cheese crackers are all easy,  more healthy substitutes than the usually high fructose/partially hydrogenated snacks that fall from your local vending machine.  Just as a good breakfast can make you feel far better throughout the early part of the day, a proper snack can give you energy and focus to insure yourself that you’ll finish out that day on a good note.

If you have a little time on your hands to create an even more flavorful break food, try these recipes for healthy snacks.