An article coming out of Philly’s own NBC10 talks about how doctors are passing judgment on health insurers based on how quickly and accurately they are paid for claims.

This reveals that waste exists in just about every deal these carriers make, whether they are dealing with claims (we the liable) or with the healers. Though this report will probably not make anyone shout that a doctor is getting put down by the man, we should all be happy that more inroads are being made into cutting through the excess of business with big healthcare companies.

One way to cut through the mess of claims, of course, is to cut down on claims. Going to checkups and living healthier lifestyles will prevent many illnesses and take a burden off the backs of doctors and
carriers alike. So not only will you be in better shape after taking the hands-on approach to your healthcare, but you’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from doing altruistic deeds.

If need be, think of big healthcare as a whale – so you can “save the whales!”